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15 January 2011 @ 02:03 pm

Hey Klangers! Just a head's up that Greg & Marek was on lastnight's new BBC2 improv show 'Fast & Loose' - it was awesome in my opinion & Greg & Marek were on top form as usual, it was great to see them on telly again! <3

I know I'm abit late in telling you but I bring an iplayer link

Honestly, watch it, it's really funny...& David Armand's 'Careless Whisper' is priceless :D
10 October 2010 @ 02:01 am
Here's a short but very funny clip from a series of online videos that Greg Davies made for the National Grid (yes really), aimed at giving students advice:


I'll play Twister with you Greg ; )

Plus this one I love as well:


"You're vermin, you're absolute scum..." : D

There are a couple of others too, and might be more in the future. : )
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Awww, the last one (it plays unusually quietly compared to the others, no idea why):


Jon Richardson is a worry as usual (and a twat), Greg Davies turns out to have been a relentless bully, some of the best confessions so far, and has Rhod finally given up on ranting?

"Bad horsey!"
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And episode Five:


Hope we get another series of this, I've really been enjoying it!

Hope other people have been liking these too. : )
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Aaaaaaaaaaand the next one:


Have noticed whilst on one of my rare visits to Megaupload to put this up, that the number of downloads has dwindled somewhat since episode 2...

Hope that doesn't mean people are getting bored of the guys yet, particularly as they'll miss a brilliant little bit by Greg in in tonight's Rhod's Rant Club...poor boy, only been able to get shirts from Debenhams.
: )

Oh I love it when he does voices. : )
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22 September 2010 @ 05:10 pm
Because I know some people here were looking forward to hearing what the Klang guys were up to right now (seeing as Klang itself seems to have been put on the back burner for them, for now), here's a link to the BBC website about the new series, "Ask Rhod Gilbert", which will feature Greg Davies and Lloyd Langford as regulars.

(BBC One, that's quite an achievement Rhod!)


If it's anything like Rhod's radio show it'll be pretty good, and god knows we need as much Greg Davies on TV as we can get...even if it's just to look at him. : )
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As usual, I'm uploading each episode of Rhod Gilbert's BBC radio 2 show to the group, this is episode three:

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As it says above, here's episode two of what is turning out to be a truly great radio show:


Rhod and Greg are just brilliant together (to the point that I truly wouldn't be surprised to see some slash writers here with VERY specific tastes writing some very odd fic about it), but Lloyd Langford is good too.

Please feel free to share these meagaupload links with others, as the love needs to be spread. : )
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09 September 2010 @ 11:38 pm
Been enjoying Rhod's new radio show? This should go down well then:


BBC One, Rhod Gilbert AND Greg Davies, FORTY minutes a week, for EIGHT weeks.

I'm so exited I might be sick.

Exited Greg fan is exited
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Hello, thought people here might like to know about great comedian Rhod Gilbert's new radio 2 series, featuring himself, Greg Davies (hooray!) Lloyd Langford, and Sarah Millican as regular contributors, with a guest comedian and band each week (Scouting For Girls this week, OK I suppose...never mind, they might have better ones later in the series):


Not really much in the way of stand up from Greg, it's more just him and Lloyd chatting with Rhod around the subjects that happen to come up relating to questions asked of the audience, but honestly it is really good, and I'm enjoying it. : )


Hello, my attempt to capture the first episode worked (to my surprise), so rather than make another post on a similar topic, I thought I'd just edit this one to include the megaupload link to the first episode:


Feel free to lead others to the upload greatness, but try and catch it on the night if you can (for ratings) : ), Rhod and Greg on the same show every week will be genius. : )
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